Friday, 2 December 2016

Pangaea: Unsettled Land

Author: Jarrod D. King
Genre: Action/Fantasy/Suspense/Romance/GLBT
Book Rating: 7.5
Personal Rating: 8

There are a lot of things that make this book awesome.  Plot moves at a fairly decent pace, splashes of humour, a love triangle (who doesn't love those.) and evil villains you can't help but love.  But what really stands out is the opening sequence.  The first few paragraphs are what tells a reader if they should even bother with a book.  This first section was literally only a few paragraphs,, and it definitely won on all accounts.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Calhoun: Sacrifice

Author: Joe Mansour
Genre: Action Thriller Suspense
Book Rating: 5
Personal Rating: 4

It's been a while since I really didn't like a book.  But here I am again.  This book started of with a fairly decent opening sequence.  It seemed like it was going somewhere and then...  It just didn't move anywhere.  And the lead character I just couldn't sympathise with.  He was just annoying on all accounts.  I just didn't like him.  And even more so that his parents are from my home country.  That's about the only win I'm giving this book.

Friday, 11 December 2015


Author: Beth Mikell
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Book Rating: 6
Personal Rating: 6

I honestly started of reading this thinking oh this book would be awesome.  I even forced myself to ignore the fact that the queen was called the queen of hearts.  But sadly the book just didn't go anywhere.  It had all the promise of something real, Queen feeling emotions she's never felt before, a man who feels he has nothing to live for after the death of his brother, and a test to see if death really is what he wants.  Seriously the amount of character development depth and seriously intricate plot work the frame of this book held was ridiculous.  But that was about it.  The book was all set up and no go.  It hit a note and floated there, the entire short story.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Silenced: The Intoxicated Book 5

Author: Allica Renee Kline
Genre: Romance/Chick-lit/Drama
Book Rating: 10
Personal Rating: 10

So this book was touchy.  It was very nearly almost a three instead of five star.  Thankfully I think about these reviews before I type them, hence they almost never have my first impression review after careful analysis.  This book was no exception.  I love this author, I don't think I've given any of her books five stars but this last installment wins, even with the one glaring thing that almost derailed me.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Torrent: The New Agenda Series Book 4

Author: Simone Pond
Genre: Dystopian/Action Adventure/ Young Adult/ Adult
Book Rating: 7
Personal Rating: 6.5

Before I even begin to go into why I didn't really enjoy this novel, lets just say this author knows how to write.  In fact she writes exceptionally well.  And it was a debate whether to give this a five star or one star review, ultimately I decided three would be best.  There may or may not be a lot of spoilers in here so continue at your own risk.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Guitar Face: Book One Guitar Face Series

Author: Sasha Marshall
Genre: Contemporary/Modern/Rockstar Romance
Book Rating: 7.5
Personal Rating: 8

This book was a delight to read.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy reading it.  Most of the characters had a certain depth to them that kept you interested in where the plot would take them.  Tragedy was on point, writing good and humor... just ridiculously on point.  Still it didn't quite make it for me.  There were plot issues, all of which I wont touch but I'll hit on some, and dialogue that sometimes went on a bit to long that took me out of the story.  Just a lot of things I didn't need to know for the story to work.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Rogue: Book 3 The Omega Group

Author: Andrea Domanski
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Action-Adventure
Book Rating: 8
Personal Rating: 7.5

Where to start.  Well lets just say I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It made me laugh, kept me wanting to read it. And the characters have such an amazing chemistry that it's hard not to love them.  Grecko is still my fave.  Seriously he needs another book.  One was just not enough.  My only problem with this book was the usual plot device.  Boy falls in love with girl from enemy camp, girl falls in love back.  Someone sabotages forbidden romance, and so on and so forth.  I dunno maybe I'm just passed the stage of seeing this type of thing but for once it be nice for someone to have it last against the odds with out the villain successfully tearing them apart only for them to find out years later they've hated each-other for no reason.  And in some books it's too late.  At least in this book it wasn't.  Okay maybe this wasn't my only problem.  There was a point in the plot where the cast seemed convinced that someone was the main villain, and i was kind of dumbfounded by this.