Submission Guidelines

I will be accepting all fiction accept Christian fiction and poetry. Self-published and indie authors only.  All reviews will be posted on amazon.  I have a kindle so mobi is preferred however I will accept epubs as well.  I will be screening all review requests and will try my best to respond even if I do not choose your novel.  Submission does not guarantee a positive review. If any information below is missing from submission I will ignore the review request. Also if you are on Smashwords I will post the review there as well.

  • In the subject put review request.
  • In the message please state the genre/genres your novel fits in
  • Attach or place directly in message a synopsis of novel
  • Add any social media links and author websites you would like readers to find you on 
  • Book link if you have one, (I'll just copy the one from amazon otherwise)
  • Cover photo
  • Send submissions here

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